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In Butte County, a total of $40,857,264 was taken out of school-allocated property taxes to pay State obligations in 2010-2011.  $34,718,954 was redirected to satisfy the State's VLF backfill obligation.  $6,138,310 was redirected to pay for the State's 2004 Economic Recovery Bonds.  In 2011-12, $39,607,845 was taken.


Source:  State Controller's Office, Local Government Reporting Section.  (City and county detail shown in the reports, totals upon request from the SCO.) 



Butte County schools did not receive $22,013,939 of their state funding until after the 2010-11 school year was over.  The delayed payments grew to $33,041,639 for the 2011-12 school year, before declining (thanks to Prop 30) to $21,655,898 this past summer.  This school year will end with at least $15,591,118 owed to Butte County K-12 school districts (of which Chico Unified will absorb $4.9 million), according to the just-published First Principal Apportionment.  Almost 50% more may be added with the Second Principal Apportionment later in the school year.  Butte Community Colleges will also suffer deferrals this year, probably in the $5 million range. 


Of the money taken from all local school-allotted property tax, $18,232,869 was taken from the K-12 schools’ base property tax allocation (including $10.6 million from Chico Unified), after all the county’s Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund had been emptied.


Sources:  For deferrals, see the Funding Excel Files - Second Principal Apportionment from the California Dept. of Education; for “negative ERAF” -- monies taken from primary apportionments, see from the CA Dept. of Education.


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