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Four million dollars will be taken out of Colusa County schools' local property taxes to fund the state's debts this fiscal year.  Colusa County K-12 school districts will see a minimum of $2,015,588 still owed to them when the school year ends in June 2014, according to the First Principal Apportionment.  Up to 50% more is expected to be deferred in the Second Principal Apportionment, later in the school year. 


In the most recent available data (2011-12), $3,995,829 was taken out of Colusa school-allocated property tax, $2,973,959 for the VLF "Swap" and $1,021,870 to pay for the 2004 Economic Recovery Bonds.


Can Colusa County's schoolchildren afford to finance the state's debts? According to the new Local Control Funding Formula, Colusa County needs 57% more funding to adequately educate its student population than it's getting this school year.


Sources: State Controller's Office, Local Government Reporting Section. (City and county detail shown in the reports, totals upon request from the SCO.)  California Department of Education, First Principal Apportionment.

In Colusa County, a total of $4,104,153 was taken out of school-allocated property taxes to pay State obligations in 2010-2011. $2,949,403 was redirected to satisfy the State's VLF backfill obligation; $1,154,750 was redirected to pay for the State's 2004 Economic Recovery Bonds.


Source:  State Controller's Office, Local Government Reporting Section.  (City and county detail shown in the reports, totals upon request from the SCO.)


Colusa County schools did not receive $2,783,680 of their state funding until after the 2010-11 school year was over. The delayed payments grew to $4,357,742 for the 2011-12 school year, before declining (thanks to Prop 30) to $2,719,768 this past summer (June 2013).  Of the money taken from all school-allotted local property tax, $623,877 was taken from the K-12 schools’ base property tax allocation, after all the county’s Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund had been emptied.


Sources: For deferrals, see the Funding Excel Files - Second Principal Apportionment from the California Dept. of Education; for “negative ERAF” -- monies taken from primary apportionments, from the California Dept. of Education.

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