Get involved!

We welcome your engagement!  There are many ways you can get involved right now to help make sure your local property taxes actually get to your local schools.


To join our list of supporters, fill out the form below or email us at


Help us get the word out by hosting house parties and presenting at community organizations and farmer's markets, etc.  Forward our informational emails and solicit others to help! 



Reach out to your local organizations and youth groups and ask them to show their support for kids!  To receive a copy of our school board resolution, or connect with a school board member who is an initiative expert, please email We recommend a board member puts the resolution on the agenda at least 72 hours before the meeting so members can be educated and they can vote on it at the meeting. It is our goal to have 100 school boards pass the resolution by the time we announce our supporters April 1.



The best way to spread information is through the press.  We will supply the press releases, all you have to do is send them to your local papers and news stations!



Getting an initiative on the ballot is very expensive!  Please contribute to help us make sure Sacramento stops taking money away from education!



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