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Below is the timeline for getting the initiative passed.  We need your help!  Please click on the various buttons below to help spread the word, collect signatures, a variety of other volunteer opportunities.  You can make a difference for public education in California!

File the Initative
November 18, 2013


Members of Educate Our State converge on Sacramento to file their initiative and meet with state legislators.

Spread the Word

November 2013 through November 2014


Help us get the word out by hosting house parties, presenting to community organizations and contacting your local press.  We have all the info you'll need to make sure your presentation will go off without a hitch! 


Collect Endorsements

November 2013 through November 2014


Help us reach out to education groups and community organizations so they can show their support for this initiative!


Collect Signatures

January though April 2014


Watch our webinar on signature gathering and help us collect much needed signatures so we can get the initiative on the ballot!  

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